The Impact of Marijuana Smoking On Oral Health

Marijuana has been popular for thousands of years in the world. While talking about the United States, marijuana is the second most favorite psychoactive drug after alcohol. And after legalization, marijuana smoking has become the most popular smoking tool in the United States although many misconceptions and misinformation have also been developed in the societies about this particular drug. The reason for using marijuana is that it is beneficial in numerous health situations like nausea, vomiting, joint pains, and many others. However, we must know its impact on our oral health. 

In the following lines, we have a plan to discuss all those concerns, which are generally related to tobacco smoking, as marijuana is also preferred to smoke. Although some tobacco and cigar manufacturers mention some information on custom cigar packaging boxes, it is necessary to discuss all these concerns briefly. Let us have a look!


The impact of hemp and marijuana on oral health

Currently, it is believed that marijuana and hemp smoking can create the same negative oral health impact, which tobacco smoking can do. For example, you may think that gum inflammation can be an issue due to marijuana smoking. Poor hygiene can create these types of issues, and smoking tobacco, consuming alcohol, and using other drugs may affect your teeth. In this case, you need to go to the dentists to keep your teeth and gums strong and in the original shape. However, hemp and marijuana have become after some time. Therefore, people do not know much about it. Here, we are discussing all those oral health issues, which can be considered due to marijuana:

Tooth decay

Many think that marijuana smoking can have the same impact on teeth that we expect from tobacco smoking. However, the reasons are different. When we use marijuana, it takes us high that also increases hunger and thirst. In this situation, the users do not follow healthy options to keep their teeth clean. Furthermore, people use processed food and sugary drinks at this time. In this way, cavities and tooth decay can be developed in the mouth. This reason can affect your teeth, and people start claiming that smoking marijuana is not good for your teeth. We can also see many custom cbd packaging boxes on store shelves and near our hypermarkets to pack products. 


The reason behind dry mouth or xerostomia is the under-functioning of salivary glands. While talking about marijuana, THC is the main contributor that sends signals to the mind to produce limited saliva because smoking pot makes cottonmouth. This particular reason makes our mouths dry while using marijuana. In this case, we can issue like building up plaque, digestion issues, bacterial infections, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Gum disease

Smoking marijuana means we are inhaling high-temperature smoke. In this case, the smoke can irritate gums and create sensational issues initially. With time, your gums can face swelling, sensitivity, and bleeding issues. Therefore, the oral experts recommend pot smokers take great care of their gums. If they do not do so, they can be the victims of gingivitis, periodontal disease, and many other gum issues.

Discolored teeth

The impact of marijuana smoking can be felt on the color of the teeth. It is a known fact that even regular visits to the dentists and following all hygiene and good deeds cannot stop the discoloration of teeth. Only the whitening solutions can resolve your issue in this case.

Increased levels of bacteria

Smoking marijuana can be the main reason for increased levels of bacteria. The reason is that this smoking allows bacteria to develop in the mouth. Some experts think that marijuana pressurizes the immune system that helps bacteria start developing in the mouth. When bacteria increase in the mouth, you are inviting cavities more effectively in your mouth that can create numerous oral issues. 

All we know is that marijuana smoking can affect your oral health. However, the experts have recommended some solutions that can help you avoid or at least minimize the impact. For example, medical experts think that pot smokers must be hydrated the whole day. For that, you need to drink lots of water. It helps you keep your mouth hydrated throughout the day. Brushing and flossing are also necessary for marijuana smokers. The dentists recommend brushing and flossing at least twice a day to the smokers. Another recommended step is to use a baking soda solution to clean your mouth and remove bacteria and cavities. Reducing processed food and sugary products can also help you improve your oral health, especially when you love marijuana smoking. The last step that you must keep in mind is the regular visits of the dentists. It helps you get intimation of any oral issues that have been developing for some time. Here, the dentists can recommend some advisory steps and suggest medications through which you can minimize the impact of marijuana smoking on oral health.